Rules of Engagement
  1. Devote your best effort to each and every problem before you. Honestly report your efforts. Admit to false paths.
  2. Do NOT refer to outside sources until after you have completed an exercise completely. No Google, no books, no nothing. The obvious exception to this rule is a problem which requires you to obtain more data.
  3. If you have seen a problem before, admit it immediately. For a homework assignment, you can be given an alternative. For an in-class assignment, you can learn a tremendous amount by helping to teach the problem and watching how others struggle with it.
  4. Once you think you have solved a problem in a group situation, simply state as much. Do not reveal or even hint at your solution right away. Give others the opportunity to wrestle with the problem. This is both a courtesy and an opportunity to witness alternatives to your own approaches.
  5. Immediately and vociferously shut up anyone attempting to spoil your problem solving experience by prematurely revealing a solution.