My thoughts about metacognition

Metacognition is what I'm trying to engender in my students. The ability to abstract problem solving strategies and consolidate them into a way of life.
My feeling is that metacognition is the cart behind the horse of problem solving. It is a set of tools best developed from experience that can then be applied to future problem solving. To give a student the metacognitive tools outside the context of problem solving fails to make the student their own teacher. So a seminar in which attendees are given a set of metacognitive rules and told to go out and apply them is a total waste as far as I'm concerned because there is no internalization of the tools.
• What do I know about this subject, topic, issue?
• Do I know what I need to know?
• Do I know where I can go to get some information, knowledge?
• How much time will I need to learn this?
• What are some strategies and tactics that I can use to learn this?
• Did I understand what I just heard, read or saw?
• How will I know if I am learning at an appropriate rate?
• How can I spot an error if I make one?
• How should I revise my plan if it is not working to my expectations/satisfaction?
Metacognition is thinking about your thinking while you're thinking. It includes the ability to ask and answer the following types of questions (citation):